WHO Launches Third Edition of Trichiasis Surgery Manual!

02 May 2024

The third edition of "Trichiasis Surgery for Trachoma" also known as the “Yellow Manual” is now available.

Originally published by WHO in 1993, this manual has been a vital resource for addressing Trachomatous trichiasis (TT). The second edition, released in 2015, expanded its scope to include additional procedures and assessment techniques.

In this latest edition, significant updates have been made, including the adoption of the latest definition of TT established at the 4th Global Scientific Meeting on Trachoma in 2018. New content covers entropion examination methods, refined surgical equipment lists, improved post-operative care instructions, and updated illustrations.

The manual is structured into two parts: Part One focuses on training TT surgeons and provides detailed skill-building exercises and learning objectives. Trainers can utilize this section for creating presentations or directly guiding trainees. Part Two is exclusively for trainers, offering guidance on trainee selection and final assessment.

Overall, the third edition continues to serve as an indispensable resource offering comprehensive guidance for both trainees and their mentors in the field of trichiasis surgery.