Advanced Analytical Tools

ESPEN has developed advanced analytical tools that play a pivotal role in guiding country programs towards the control and elimination of Preventive Chemotherapy Neglected Tropical Diseases (PC-NTDs). These tools are designed to provide a visual and interactive gateway to the wealth of data submitted by countries through the Joint Application Package (JAP) forms, enabling stakeholders to deeply engage with and understand the nuances of NTD management efforts across various geographical levels.

The essence of these analytical tools lies in their ability to transform raw data into actionable insights. By offering a user-friendly interface, these tools allow country programs to monitor and evaluate the progress of their interventions against PC-NTDs with unprecedented precision and ease. Users can drill down into specific regions, districts, or communities to assess the impact of treatment campaigns, track the reduction in disease prevalence, and identify areas that may require additional focus or resources.

Furthermore, the interactive nature of these tools facilitates dynamic exploration of data, empowering users to manipulate variables, compare different periods, and visualize trends in a way that static reports cannot match. This level of interactivity not only enhances the user's understanding of the data but also fosters a more engaged and informed decision-making process.

The value of ESPEN's advanced analytical tools extends beyond mere data visualization; they serve as a critical component in the strategic planning and execution of NTD programs. By enabling a detailed analysis of progress towards the control and elimination of PC-NTDs at various geographical levels, these tools support targeted interventions, efficient resource allocation, and ultimately, the successful eradication of these diseases. 

Country Health Information Platform

The Country Health Information Platform (CHIP) is an innovative solution designed to address the critical need of NTD Programme Managers for tracking programmatic activities across multiple reporting periods. The challenge many national NTD programs face is the absence of a centralized database that collates programmatic data over time, particularly at the district level. Such a limitation hinders the development of effective strategic plans and the ability to discern trends over time.

CHIP leverages the standardization of NTD programmatic data found in WHO reporting forms, such as the Joint Application Package (JAP) and Trachoma Elimination Monitoring Form (TEMF), transforming them into a nationally managed tool. This tool is ingeniously integrated into the ESPEN Portal, allowing it to pull both current and historical district-level data for the five PC NTDs. The innovation here lies in the platform's ease of use—requiring no specialized experience to set up and manage—thereby democratizing data access and empowering programme managers with the means to make informed, data-driven decisions for their respective NTD control and elimination strategies.

Schistosomiasis Practical & Precision Assessment tool

The SPPA Tool is an innovative geospatial decision-support prototype designed to enhance the visualization of geospatial data and support the implementation of the Schistosomiasis Practical and Precision Assessment (SPPA) protocol. This developmental tool aims to guide users in choosing between Practical and Precision Assessments for each qualifying administrative region. Furthermore, it offers the capability to visualize outcomes following the execution of the SPPA, thereby facilitating more efficient and effective planning of surveys and mass drug administration efforts than currently practiced methods. Initially being trialed in Kenya for schistosomiasis management, the tool's architecture allows for future extension to additional nations and health initiatives. As of February 2024, the tool enables the examination of geographic zones based on their environmental suitability for schistosomiasis transmission. Users are encouraged to revisit periodically for access to new features and enhancements.