Mwele Malecela Mentorship Program - Mentor Application Form

The Mwele Malecela Mentorship (MMM) Program for Women in NTDs aims to increase gender equality in representation and leadership by developing and supporting mid-career African women to become leaders and champions in NTD elimination at national and international levels. Using an innovative gender-intentional approach, the MMM program’s objective is to increase the overall coverage, effectiveness and impact of NTD interventions by ensuring the support to enable women to overcome gender barriers in access to leadership while also acquiring skills and resources that enable them to be influential leaders and agents of change. The program will provide mentorship, training and networking opportunities over the course of two years.

The Mwele Malecela Mentorship Program for Women in NTDs is now recruiting diverse mentors who can serve as role models for participants. As part of our gender-intentional approach, mentors should not only be accomplished and influential leaders in the NTD community but also women and men who are strong and experienced leaders working closer to the community level, in marginalised communities, or on issues that receive less attention, including NTDs and many gender equality issues.

We value and appreciate the voluntary support that mentors provide. With the support of our partner, Menttium LLC, the MMM Program will provide guide and tools to ensure mentors and mentees get off to a strong start by understanding their roles and key skills needed for an effective mentoring partnership; topics include trust building, giving & receiving feedback, and powerful conversation tools and techniques to help mentors and mentees take their learning “to the next level.” Midpoint Sessions will also provide opportunities for mentors/mentees to assess their progress, share best practices and strengthen their commitment to the process. In addition, our Monthly Engagement Email Blasts, monthly emails for mentors and mentees, will help keep the partnership on track, spark conversation, and support partnership effectiveness.

If you are interested in contributing to this impactful work as an inspirational mentor, please complete the basic expression of interest form below.

The mentor selection process will take place in two stages:
Stage 1 – Background information and CV 
Stage 2 – Exploration of interests and mentor’s experience 

If you have questions regarding the application, please email: mwelementorship [at] who [dot] int

Application, Notification, Onboarding Timeline

Open Application Period: Initial Application period closes on March 15, 2024

We will notify applicants of their acceptance status by June 17, 2024.  

Acceptance & Pre-Orientation Period: The accepted mentors will be requested to confirm their participation by early July 2024. Following confirmation, mentor matching and onboarding will commence, with mentors informed of their matches by early August 2024.

Program Launch: Orientation commences the week of August 19, 2024. 


Stage 1 - Application Form

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IV: Statement of Interest
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