ESPEN Portal: Joint Application Package (JAP) Upload Tool

Once National NTD Programme Managers are ready to submit the Joint Request for Select Medicines (JRSM), the Joint Reporting Form (JRF), the Epidemiological Reporting Form (EPIRF), or the Annual Work Plan (AWP), they can go to the ESPEN Portal to access the JAP Upload Tool. The JAP Upload Tool requires a WHO account to access restricted sections of the ESPEN Portal.

Once the authorized user has successfully logged into the system, they can search for an existing JAP file or submit a new JAP file. New versions of existing files can be submitted. The newest version will be the active version. However, all previous versions will be stored and are available on the ESPEN Portal JAP Upload Tool.

Updating existing submission

If National NTD Programme Managers identify errors or omissions in previous submissions of the Joint Application Package (JAP) forms they can use the following process to make those updates:

For updates on forms that are less than two years old:

Updates for recently validated submissions can be done through the JAP upload tool, after requesting by email (espensupport [at] who [dot] int with a copy to zoureh [at] who [dot] int) to unlock the existing submission. National NTD Programme Managers can submit an updated form with all the required updates. The existing validated form should be downloaded from the ESPEN portal and used for the updates. During the submission, details about the changes should be included with the submission to assist with the review process.

For updates on forms that are two years or older:

Updates for submissions that are two or more years old will require a meeting with the ESPEN Data Manager to discuss the changes. This meeting can be arranged by emailing espensupport [at] who [dot] int with a copy to zoureh [at] who [dot] int.