Cohort I - Stage II Application Process

Welcome to the Stage II application for the Mwele Malecela Mentorship (MMM) Program!

The time and effort you have put into this application process is greatly appreciated. This stage has been designed to learn more about you and gain a deeper understanding of your vision, experience, and objectives to determine if you are a right fit for this program.

As you know, the MMM Program for Women in NTDs aims to increase gender equality in representation and leadership by developing and supporting mid-career African women to become leaders and champions in NTD elimination at national and international levels. Its objective is to increase the overall coverage, effectiveness and impact of NTD interventions by ensuring the support to enable women to overcome gender barriers in access to leadership while also acquiring skills and resources that enable them to be influential leaders and agents of change. The program will provide mentorship, training and networking opportunities over the course of two years.

Furthermore, the program integrates a gender-intentional approach to our mentorship priorities programs that address the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination that impede women's advancement in leadership roles. In this regard, the Mwele Malecela Mentorship Program is committed to selecting diverse cohort members, representing different sectors (public, private, academia, NGO, philanthropy), disciplines, and cultural backgrounds. The program is being implemented by a consortium of partners, led by WHO/AFRO.

Given the significance of the program's objectives and the diversity of perspectives we aim to incorporate, we urge you to invest ample time in completing the application form. Providing us with detailed information will enable us to make well-informed decisions in the selection process. We appreciate your keen interest in the Mwele Malecela Mentorship Program and wish you the best of luck in the next stage of the application process!


Open Application Period: Initial Application period closes on April 09, 2023, by 11:59 pm (GMT+1)

Stage II of the selection process is now closed.