Thank you for your submission of the Stage 1 application and congratulations on proceeding to Stage 2 of the selection process via this form. Please proceed by filling out the demographic information sections and then provide answers to the more specific questions on your experiences, motivations and goals for joining this program. Please take the time to carefully formulate your answers as these responses will be assessed to determine if you will be selected for participation in the program. There are a limited number of spots available and many compelling applicants but please know that there will be additional opportunities to apply in future cohorts if you are not selected during this first cycle.

The time and effort you have put into this application process is greatly appreciated. This stage has been designed to learn more about you and gain a deeper understanding of your vision, experience, and objectives to determine if you are a right fit for this program.

As you know, the MMM Program for Women in NTDs aims to increase gender equality in representation and leadership by developing and supporting mid-career African women to become leaders and champions in NTD elimination at national and international levels. Its objective is to increase the overall coverage, effectiveness and impact of NTD interventions by ensuring the support to enable women to overcome gender barriers in access to leadership while also acquiring skills and resources that enable them to be influential leaders and agents of change. The program will provide mentorship, training and networking opportunities over the course of two years.

Furthermore, the program integrates a gender-intentional approach to our mentorship priorities programs that address the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination that impede women's advancement in leadership roles. In this regard, the Mwele Malecela Mentorship Program is committed to selecting diverse cohort members, representing different sectors (public, private, academia, NGO, philanthropy), disciplines, and cultural backgrounds. The program is being implemented by a consortium of partners, led by WHO/AFRO.

In light of the above, we encourage you to take your time and provide us with as much detail as possible to help us make an informed decision. Thank you again for your interest in the Mwele Malecela Mentorship Program, and we wish you the best of luck in the next stage of the application process!

All the applications must be submitted via email to the MMM Program secretariat (mwelementorship [at] who [dot] int) before April 09, 2023, by 23:59 (GMT+1). 

Access our Application FAQ here. If you have questions regarding the application, please email: mwelementorship [at] who [dot] int 


Open Application Period: Initial Application period closes on April 09, 2023, by 11:59 pm (GMT+1). 

Stage II of the selection process is now closed and we are currently reviewing submitted applications

Notification Period: We will notify applicants of their overall acceptance status by the end of April 2023.

Acceptance & Pre-Orientation Period: The accepted mentees will be asked to confirm their participation by early May 2023, after which we will begin matching to a mentor and onboarding.

Program Launch: Orientation commences in mid-May 2023.