Data Query Tools

The Expanded Special Project for the Elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases (ESPEN) has developed a suite of query tools designed to empower the NTD community with direct access to a wealth of data compiled in the ESPEN data repository. This data, submitted by countries through the Joint Application Package (JAP) forms, is pivotal for understanding and monitoring the progress and impact of treatment interventions, particularly Mass Drug Administration (MDA) and epidemiological surveys aimed at assessing the impact of these interventions.

ESPEN's portal offers an intuitive interface through which users can perform detailed queries on the available data (Download tool). This includes access to information on treatment interventions and the results of epidemiological surveys, all of which are crucial for gauging the success of MDA interventions. The data is meticulously categorized and accessible at both the Implementation Unit (IU) level and the community level, allowing for granular analysis and targeted decision-making.

In addition to the comprehensive query tools for accessing treatment interventions and epidemiological survey data, the ESPEN Portal provides users with the unique capability to explore thematic maps (Maps search). These maps offer a visual representation of disease endemicity and treatment coverage, organized by disease and by year. This feature enables stakeholders to visually assess the geographical distribution of various NTDs and to monitor the progress of treatment coverage over time. 

Furthermore, the portal provides the NTD community with the capability to download IU-level cartography (Cartography Database). This feature is instrumental in visualizing the geographical scope of NTD interventions and the demographic changes over time, with data available from as far back as 2014. The availability of such detailed cartographic data, coupled with demographics, enriches the repository's utility, offering a comprehensive view of the ongoing efforts and progress in the fight against NTDs.

By equipping the NTD community with these query tools, ESPEN significantly enhances the capacity for data-driven decision-making. Stakeholders can now leverage the vast amounts of data submitted by countries to analyze trends, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, and plan future strategies.