PC-NTD Regional Program Review Group (RPRG)


The PC-NTD Regional Program Review Group (RPRG) is committed to advancing the control and elimination of targeted Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) by offering strategic and technical counsel to national NTD programs. In line with recommendations from the WHO/NTD Strategic and Technical Advisory Group, the PC-NTD RPRG guides efforts towards achieving the NTD targets and goals outlined in the 2030 road map.


Accelerating progress in eliminating targeted PC-NTDs in the African region necessitates effective coordination of program reviews. The PC-NTD RPRG supports the control and elimination of targeted NTDs by providing strategic and technical advice to national NTD programs. In alignment with the WHO/NTD Strategic and Technical Advisory Group recommendations, the PC-NTD RPRG advises the WHO Regional Office for Africa and its Member States on the overall adequacy of country and regional strategies and progress towards milestones and targets for the control and elimination of PC-NTDs.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes

  1. Review and Assess Progress: Evaluate progress towards regional and country goals, ensuring alignment with regional policies and strategies for achieving the 2030 road map.
  2. Provide Technical Guidance: Offer technical advice to countries to expedite the achievement of 2030 road map targets and goals.
  3. Identify Research Opportunities: Identify opportunities for operational research stemming from challenges in implementing national PC-NTD programs.
  4. Guide Advocacy and Mobilization: Direct national advocacy and resource mobilization strategies to enhance country ownership and program sustainability.

Expected Outcomes

As the PC-NTD RPRG collaborates with ESPEN, its expected outcomes include enhanced regional coordination, accelerated progress toward 2030 targets, and the identification of innovative solutions through operational research. By providing strategic advice and technical expertise, the PC-NTD RPRG contributes significantly to the overarching goal of eliminating PC-NTDs in the African region.

Regular Meetings

The PC-NTD RPRG conducts regular meetings to thoroughly review country dossiers and discuss strategic issues on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in the African region. These sessions provide a structured platform for assessing progress, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that decisions are aligned with the group's objectives. Through these meetings, the PC-NTD RPRG ensures that its actions and recommendations are well-informed, strategic, and conducive to advancing the control and elimination of NTDs across the African region.